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Son of Darkness | Natural Passive/Traits
Asura consumes Rationality when casting abilities and recovers Rationality if he doesn't cast abilities or use basic attacks for 3.0 seconds. When Rationality reaches 0, he will be unable to use abilities until Rationality returns to maximum, but Movement Speed and Attack Speed will be increased by 10% (+1% *Current Level) each, and each basic attack will deal an additional (+10 *Current Level) (+15% BonusAttack) physical damage.


Lotus Extermination | Ability 1 | Active | Damage/Control
When Asura's tentacles are in their Bone Sword form, the will lock on to surrounding enemies and and slash five times continuously, dealing AOE damage. The first four slashes will deal 5(+70% Attack) (+2 *Current Level) physical damage each and restore 10(+30% BonusAttack) (+0.5% HP Lost) HP to Asura. The fifth slash will be stronger, dealing 10(+140% Attack) (+4 * Current Level) physical damage and restoring 5(+60% BonusAttack) (+1% HP Lost) HP to Asura.
When Asura's tentacles are in their Bone Whip form, he will shoot four bone whips in the designated direction after a short charging period, dealing 5(+50% Attack) (+4 *Current Level) physical damage and inflicting a 30% slow to enemies along the way. Damage will decrease to 50% of the original damage if an enemy is hit multiple times, and they will be inflicted with immobilize for 1.2 seconds if hit by three or more bone whips.


Demon Oppression | Ability 2 | Active | Slow
Asura shoots his bone whip in the designated direction, dealing 20(+60% Attack) physical damage along the way and inflicte a 35% slow. After a short delay, he will move in the direction of the left joystick. Asura's tentacles retain their Bone Whipp form after this, and can attack at long range.


Uninterrupted Massacre | Ability 3 | Active | Dash
Asura charges in the designated direction, dealing 70(+60% Attack) physical damage to enemies around his destination. If he hits enemy shikigami, 50% of the cooldown of Uninterrupted Massacre will be returned. Asura's tentacles retain their Bone Sword form after this, and can attack at short range. In the Bone Sword form, Asura will gain an additional 10%(+1% *Current Level) Armor and 6%(+0.6% *Current Level) Magic Resist bonus.


Purgatory Massacre | Ultimate Ability | Active | Control
Asura leaps into the air and bombards the designated area, dealing 100(+60% Attack) physical damage and inflicting a Knockup effect. At the same time, a Purgatory realm will be formed at the area of bombardment that lasts 5.0 seconds, dealing 50(+30% Attack) physical damage to enemy shikigami within the realm every 1.5 seconds. Enemy shikigami will be rebounded when they try to pass through the boundary of the realm. This effect will ony take effect once for each enemy shikigami.


Base Stats
HP Phy Atk Armor Atk Spd Crit Rate Restore HP/5s ArPen Lifesteal MP Ability Power Magic Res CD Reduction Mov Spd Restore MP/5s MPen Spell Vamp Reduce Control
Level 1 900 75 60 0.88 0% 9.0 0/0% 0% 360 0 56 0% 355 8.5 0/0% 0% 0%
Level 18 3705 164 179 1.09 0% 25.0 0/0% 0% 360 0 107 0% 355 8.5 0/0% 0% 0%
Growths 165 5 7 0.02 0% 1.0 0/0% 0% 0 0 3 0% 0 0 0/0% 0% 0%


Playing As[]



"In the deepest depths of the Celestial Realm is the Abbys. To the Deva, it is like a prison, but for the demons, it is a place akin to a colosseum. In my hands however, it has become a hell that strikes fear in the hearts of Deva and demons alike. Following the blast of an explosion, a brilliant light shone down into the Abbys. The realm that originally imprisoned me disintegrated together with the exploding celestial spirit. Having finally regained my freedom, I overlooked the hundreds of demons steeped in the sea of corpses and blood from high above. The demons flung by the explosion were climbing to their feet, and they all started talking. "Asura, you destroyed your celestial spirit just to regain your freedom. Did you forget where you were again?" "Hahaha. I've always said Taishakuten was insane. You definitely used to be friends. You're no less insane than him." "This Abbys is full of demons who have surrendered their power for freedom. You don't have either freedom or power. We will - rip you apart!" Hundreds of demons lunged together toward me, but I did not move. Among the blood mist, I laughed. "Do not speak of that fellow's name. Do you understand?" With just a snap of my finger, that demon started dry heaving, and a tentacle erupted from his mouth, the end continuously churned around in his stomach. In an instant, his stomach was split opened and he spat out fresh blood. Even the demons used to blood and gore were terrified by the scene. With a sweep of my tentacle, I slashed through hundreds of airborne demons before they could even react. Severed limbs were flung through the air, accompanied by wails of anguish. Lumps of flesh and black blood splattered onto the ground. The storm of blood raining down satisfied me, and I leapt from my perch, making my way toward that demon through the sea of blood, trampling upon corpses with each step. He tried to crawl to safety, but I pierced through his heart with my claws before he could even move. I gripped the blood-red celestial spirit tentacle fragment - my power that the demons were after - and swallowed it. "How..." His eyeballs twitching, the demon tried to moan weakly before he died, but was unable to make any noise because of his crushed jaw. I absorbed the blood-red fragment of my celestial spirit, and fused it together with my body again. "The strong survive, and the weak are banished to hell. Without power, freedom is only fleeting, let alone love and hatred." "I, Asura, was born a son of darkness. However, I do not want to be a monster. I desire love, hatred, and friendship too. I used to want to be a normal person." "Although it now seems to be a wishful thinking." From the darkness, the blood-red eyes of the demons stared at me silently with fear. Blood-red marks had started to form on the stomachs of some of the demons who had swallowed my celestial spirit, branding them with the consequences of their greediness. "Since it has come to this, I will become the god among demons! I, Asura, swear to execute a hundred demons to seize back the power that belongs to me. I will return once again to the Light and crush all those who owe the world underneath my feet." "Watch me. The flames from this Abbys will burn your hypocritical Celestial Realm to ashes." Surprising secrets are actually hidden with this Abbys. The Ten Wholesome Ways of Action, created by Sakka, is a system that distinguises the good and bad Deva according to their ability. Any Deca judged to be bad will be punished and banished to the Abbys. A large amount of spiritual power has gathered in the Abbys prison. The prisoners suffer in agony, unable to end their wretched lives. They consume each other and all inevitably turn into demons, forever struggling within this prison where there is no life or death. Some people succumb and turn into demons quickly, but others refused to be corrupted. Afraid of being eaten by the demons, they came to me begging for death. Thus, I drank the blood of prisoners and hunted the demons for food. However, there were so many sinners from the Celestial Realm that the number of prisoners in the Abbys prison kept increasing regardless. When I dug out the fragment from the 99th demon, the fragments congregated in a ball of light and transformed into six tentacles. The new celestial spirit was humongous, it felt like I could reach even the unattainable exit of the Abbys. The demons who I had conquered within the Abbys prison fell to their knees as they burst out into cheers, clapping. "Congratulations, Lord Mara. You have achieved your wish!" I reached out toward the center of the new celestial spirit. There was a heart-shaped gap that was exactly the same as the one on my chest. The last fragment of the celestial spirit - my soul. Even though I had traversed through the Abbys searching in every dark corner, I never found any trace of it. Without my soul, I would be unable to regain my identity of Deva. But what does that matter? I summoned the new celestial spirit and smashed the ground, causing tremors that split the ground through the entirety of the Abbys. All of the fighting and feeding demons stopped their killing at the quake, falling to the ground. I pointed toward the chain on the stone wall that led to the exit. "Trapped beasts that only know greed, insects that don't know right from wrong, lift your heads! The true enemies are not the ones before you, but the ones above you!" "In the light, you were once comrades. You were sentenced because of your weakness and trapped here together, but now you are fighting endlessly to death!" "I, Asura, once led troops against the Great Ten, and will now lead troops against Sakka! If you are unwilling to follow me, feel free to continue with your slaughter in the Abbys. If you are willing to follow me, bend your knee and shout my name!" "You will then follow me back to the Celestial Realm and we shall face off against the true enemies. Then you will get to kill to your hearts' content!" The demons all looked toward that unattainable Light, looks of disbelief on their faces. As I turned around and took a step, the demons quickly rushed forward, bumping into each other in their haste, shouting, "Mara Asura!" With that shout, the monsters within the Abbys also started to wail. Countless demons surged toward me in surrender like black waves of souls from hell, their cries echoing throughout the Abbys, praying for the Light. "Asura! Asura!" A flame roared within my chest, feeling like molten lava that would erupt from within my body. What burst out was six tentacles that were even stronger. My reborn celestial spirit had become even more powerful. They destroyed the Abbys, blazing with searing flames. As the tentacles rushed toward the exit of the Abbys, it destroyed the entire Abbys prison. Following my flames, thousands of demons charged out of the Abbys at once. They broke through the Light, destroying it and devouring the Celestial Realm as if it were food. "Maybe I was like that all along. Ever since I was born, I have been a son of Darkness, the foulest sin in the world, and the karma destined to burn everything." "My flames will spread to wherever there is Darkness that has not been incinerated in the world, until even the Light cowers before me." "Until I destroy everything that I have been." "Until there are no more people in the world who are afraid of demons, Darkness, or hypocrisy. Until no one fears speaking of the Abbys." "My name will replace it all."" ― Asura