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Karmic Reward | Natural Passive | Traits
Passive: For every 1% MP Ebisu loses, he gains 2% MP Regen.


Fivefold Blessing | Ability 1 | Active| HP Regen
Ebisu conjures good fortune, healing himself and nearby allied units, restoring 19(+10%Ability Power) HP every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds.


Casting the Hook | Ability 2 | Active | Control
Ebisu casts his fishing line at the designated position. If an enemy shikigami is hit, he will pull on it two times. If he doesn't hit anything, he enters the Fishing state (which can be interrupted by moving or casting spells). Tap again to reel in the fishing line, and pull the enemy shikigami towards Ebisu, dealing 120(+50%Ability Power) Magic Damage.


Fickle Fortune | Abiltity 3 | Active | Stun
Ebisu deals 100(+50%Ability Power) Magic Damage and a 0.6 second Stun to enemies in a small forward area.


Carp Banner | Ultimate Skill | Active | HP Regen | Purify
Ebisu summons forth a lucky Carp Banner to protect allied shikigami in the surrounding area. Friendly shikigami that enter this area receive a (+8%Max HP) heal and are purified. An additional 30(+10%Ability Power) HP is regenerated per second. Ability lasts for 6.5 seconds.

Strategies & Tips[]

Playing as[]

  • When Ability 2 hits an enemy, tap the ability again to pull the enemy back. Using Ultimate Ability can dispel Control for enemies under effect within the range once.
  • Hiding in bushes while setting Ability 2 (Casting the Hook) might have a higher chance of reeling enemies in.
  • Ability 3 (Fickle Fortune) has extremely short range. Use it immediately after reeling an enemy in with Ability 2 to keep enemies immobilized for even longer.

Biography & Lines[]


""Why do the rich want more money when they already have so much? People should be grateful for what they have." I heard this from a beggar carrying a tattered bag on his back when I was wandering along the street one day. His words were deeply philosophical. I revealed myself, since I wanted to test him. "I heard what you just muttered to yourself. It's quite admirable. Right now, I have many gold coins. I can give all of them to you." "However, I must tell you this: if there are so many gold coins in your bag that they fall to the ground, they will all turn to dust and disappear forever. Your bag looks very tattered. It would be best if you take just enough money." The beggar was very happy, and quickly opened his bag as widely as possible. I poured the coins into the bag as if I was pouring water into a bucket. “Is this enough?” “Give me some more.” “I don’t have a problem, but won’t the bag break?” “No problem. Give me more.” “It’s enough. You’re already a rich man.” “No, it’s not enough! I want more!” “This is enough. It’s already very full.” “Just one more coin.” “Very well...” So I put the last gold coin into the bag. The bag, unable to sustain the load, burst open. All the gold coins fell to the ground and turned to dust, just as I said they would. The beggar ended up with nothing, and his only bag was now torn. He became poorer than he had been before. Insignificant humans always underestimate the power of their desires, and this makes it easy to defeat them." Ebisu