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Wind Amulet: Dash | Natural Passive | Traits
Ichimokuren increases the Movement Speed of ally shikigami in a 800-yard range by 7%.


Wind Amulet: Damage | Ability 1 | Active | Slow
Ichimokuren shoots tracking wind amulets at up to two nearby enemies, inflicting 80(+50%Ability Power) magic damage and 40% Slow for 2 seconds. Slow Effect decreases along time.


Wind Amulet: Reprimand | Ability 2 | Active | Knock Up
Ichimokuren releases a whirlwind, dealing 100(+60%Ability Power) magic damage and a 0.8-second Knockup to enemies caught within.


Wind Amulet: Proof | Ability 3 | Shield
Ichimokuren releases a wind amulet in the designated direction, giving himself and the ally shikigami it hits a shield that can absorb 80(+50%Ability Power) damage for 4 seconds, and a 30% Haste for 1.5 seconds.


Fujin's Blessings | Ultimate Skill | Active | DMG Reduce
Ichimokuren releases a protective shield that lasts for 3 seconds in the designated direction, blocking all enemy projectile attacks during this period (does not include attacks from defensive buildings). He also gains a 10% damage reduction effect.

Strategies & Tips[]

Playing as[]

  • Use ability 1 and 3 to cripple enemies. Ability 2 can Knock Up enemies and protect allies. Make good use of the Ultimate during team battles to withstand a lot of damage.
  • Ichimokuren's ult could be used to block projectile cc abilities. It could also counter kanko and futakuchi's ulitamates. Use ult when both teams are clashing and don't use it when enemies are running away as it would be in vain.
  • His skillset counters unexpected ganks from enemy jungler.
  • Flash + Knock Up combo sets up free kills for your allies

Biography & Lines[]


"Can you see that crumbling pillar in the forest? It used to be a shrine. It was dedicated to the wind god and was truly magnificent. One day, a storm came and raged for days on end. The torrential rain threatened to flood the village at the foot of the mountain. The villagers rushed to the shrine to pray for protection. However, the wind god controls the wind, not the rain. He was powerless to stop the flood. However, the wind god managed to divert the water and save the village. The price he had to pay to achieve this was one of his eyes. After the disaster, the people gradually forgot about the wind god. They left the area and the shrine was abandoned. But the wind god did not forget his followers. He spent every day on the path to the shrine waiting for them to return. But they didn’t, not a single one. Day after day, year after year he waited, until the path became overgrown with moss and the shrine turned to rubble. Now that crumbling pillar is all that remains of the once magnificent shrine. The wind god was all alone, and forgotten. With no followers, he lost his status as a god and should have simply disappeared. However, he chose to become a spirit. As a spirit, he is no longer able to offer anything to his people. Yet he still wishes to do everything in his power to protect everyone. Even though he is a mere spirit, he still stands guard over this land. That’s the end of the story. I may be centuries old, but my story is very simple." Ichimokuren