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Shuttle of Heaven | Natural Passive | Traits
Passive effect: Izaya gains 1 stack of Shuttle of Heaven when her skills hit an enemy. Upon reaching 3 stacks, the next ability Izaya casts will be enhances. Shrill Shuttle: Increases the number of shuttles cast to 5. Brocade: Gains a healing effect equal to 15% of the damage dealt by this ability. Different Paths: Grants ally targets who were transported 150(+50% Ability Power) shield and decreases enemies' movement speed by 50%.


Shrill Shuttle | Ability 1 | Active | Damage
Izaya shoots out three small shuttles at the designated position. An explosion occurs when the small shuttle hits the first enemy in its path, dealing 80(+35% Ability Power) magic damage to the enemy hit. If multiple small shuttles hit the same target, subsequent damage will be decreased to 30%. At the same time, the small shuttles add a Seal of Corrosion to the enemies hit which lasts for 5 seconds. Seal of Corrosion will be triggered by damage dealt by Izaya, dealing 30(+20% Ability Power) (+8 *Current Level) magic damage and inflict a 30% slow to targets. If an enemy shikigami's Seal of Corrosion is triggered, it will decrease the cooldown of Ability 2: Brocade by 1 second. If it is a non-shikigami unit, it will decrease the cooldown of Ability 2: Brocade by 0.5 seconds instead.


Brocade | Ability 2 | Active | Control
Izaya commands a shuttle to fly through the designated area, slightly knocking back all enemies in range and dealing 60(+50% Ability Power) magic damage. At the same time, the thread of destiny connects all enemies in range to one another. After a short delay, connected enemies take 40(+10% TargetLost HP) magic damage. The greater number of connected enemies, the higher the damage. Each additional connected enemy shikigami increases damage by 10%, and each non-shikigami unit increases damage by 3%.


Different Paths | Ability 3 | Active | Special
Izaya creates a circle of shuttles at the designated location. Using this ability again creates another circle of shuttles within 1200 yards of the first. After a short delay, both magic circles will be activated, transporting all units from one magic circle to the other, except monsters. If ally shikigami are transported, they will gain a 40% Haste effect. If enemy shikigami are transported, they will take 80(+40% Ability Power) magic damage. The larger the distance between the two shuttles, the longer the time needed for activation, up to a maximum of 1.5 seconds.


Ceaseless Cycle | Ultimate Skill | Active | Control
Izaya casts a woven Disaster in the designated direction. Disaster gradually expands its range when it hits an enemy or at maximum distance, dealing 50(+8% Ability Power) magic damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies in range and pulling them to the center. After 1.5 seconds, Disaster will have expanded to its maximum range and will end, dealing 250(+50% Ability Power) magic damage and a 0.6-second Stun to all enemies in range.


Base Stats
Max HP Phy Atk Armor Atk Spd Crit Rate Restore HP/5s ArPen Lifesteal Max MP Ability Power Magic Res CD Reduction Mov Spd Restore MP/5s MPen Spell Vampire Reduce Control
Level 1 880 76 68 0.86 0% 10.0 0/0% 0% 360 0 60 0% 335 10.0 0/0% 0% 0%
Level 18 3685 149 187 0.89 0% 23.9 0/0% 0% 1210 0 86 0% 335 23.6 0/0% 0% 0%
Growths 165 4 7 0.0018 0% 0.818 0/0% 0% 50 0 2 0% 0 0.8 0/0% 0% 0%


Playing As[]



"I am the harbinger of misfortunes. This is what I reply whenever someone asks, for it is indeed my duty. Strictly speaking, it is not really misfortune. All man's fate - happiness, anger, sorrow and joy, birth, ageing, sickness and death - are weaved into shape by the heavenly shuttle. However, the goddess had once said that the destiny of most humans had already been decided before birth and did not need the heavenly shuttle to make additional changes. Our duty is to carry out the cruel orders of Omoikane - to weave in misfortunes for mankind. If a lucky one without any sorrow exists in this world, then it is a mistake of mine. Because we, no, because the gods need the humans to find a way out from the misfortunes. And the way out for the gods may well lie in these insignificant lives woven by the heavenly shuttle. Laughable, isn't it? The proud gods, the gods who weave the destinies of humans, they are impeded by the humans, and also face the same fate of death. Their method is actually to find that ray of light from the countless demises of humans. In the vast heavenly palace, whenever the sound of the loom was heard, it was the goddess using me and Orihime to confer disasters and ill fate to humans. A shuttle and a thread, for many times, countless times. The goddess had a warm and beautiful smile, but as she watched one world withering away after another, she smiled less and less. From feeling guilty to being numb, I had already accepted this duty and knew that, eventually, misfortune would also befall myself. That day came indeed, but I had never imagined that it would not only be my tragedy. "Seoritsuhime was pierced by the heavenly shuttle you transformed into. You are charged with the crime of assasinating a goddess!" "Have you anything to say for yourself?" "No, no... I didn't! At that time... I..." A revered goddess so warm and bright, always guiding and always making allowances for me. Even if I have been depressed and dejected, loafed on the job and had no respect for my duties, she had never given up on me. Night did not fall on the heavenly palace with the goddess around. Whenever I doubt or hated myself, she always guided me with her gentle and steadfast faith. "Running away cannot bring peace to your heart. Pain always accompanies a sober mind" She sat beside me, and a warm light glowed from her palm. "I believe that, from the countless times of weaving and bearing witness, you have already found an answer deep inside. You have to catch hold of it." My duty, my answer... What is it exactly? I did not know. "Since you will be here forever, I will find it eventually." "Forever can't possibly exist in this world, you know." She merely smiled. However, now, I can rebut her. Forever - that smile won't ever appear again forever." ― Izaya