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Fire Rat Robe | Natural Passive | Traits
Passive effect: Kaguya puts on the Fire Rat Robe, giving herself and her allies nearby a chance of recovering MP when using abilities.


Horai Branch | Passive | Damage
Passive trigger: Kaguya attacks with her Horai Branch, increasing the damage of her next basic attack and the next basic attack of nearby allies by 30(+15%Current MP) (+30%Ability Power) magic damage, and inflicting a 15% Slow for 1 seconds. Effect can be triggered once every 10 seconds.


Moonlight Echo | Ability 1 | Active | Damage
Kaguya summons a ray of moonlight in the designated direction. When the moonlight hits an enemy it disperses, dealing 90(+40%Ability Power) magic damage to nearby targets.


Bamboo Illusion | Abiltity 2 | Active | Stun
Kaguya summons the illusion of a bamboo forest in the designated position, stunning all enemies caught within for 1 seconds.


Dragon Jewel | Ultimate Skill | Active | DMG Reduce
Kaguya holds aloft a dragon jewel, conjuring a phantasmal realm around her for 5 seconds. Friendly shikigami inside the realm gain a 10% damage reduction, gradually increasing to 40% over 4 seconds.

Strategies & Tips[]

Playing as[]

  • Wear down opponents by using ability 2. Ability 3 can be used to attack first or for defense later. Use her ultimate ability to protect your allies and greatly reduce the damage taken.
  • Kaguya is best paired with mana hungry marksmen like futakuchi as kaguya has the ability to regenerate the mp of her allies.
  • Kaguya's ability 1(Moonlight Echo) surprisingly has a lot of damage early game. Use it to poke enemies in lane.
  • Use ult when both teams are clashing and don't use it when allies and enemies are running away as it would be in vain.

Biography & Lines[]


"I was imprisoned in a tiny piece of bamboo. I spent all my time sleeping in a bamboo forest. One day, the sound of a flute woke me up. As I emerged from my dream, the sound was like nothing I had ever heard before. It warmed my heart. I never imagined there could be anyone else but me in the bamboo forest. From that day on, I was no longer alone. That flute kept me company. Sometimes I heard it at night, and sometimes in the day. It awakened me from my dreams, and kept me company as I drifted off to sleep. How I wished I could see who was playing that flute. It must have been a very kind, gentle person. But who else but me could have been in this bamboo forest? And could they have had friends in the forest? Or were they like me, imprisoned in a piece of bamboo? I had so many questions, and so many things to say to them. I finally managed to free myself from the bamboo. When I looked around expectantly, I didn’t see anyone. But I could feel that they were in the bamboo forest. A feeling inside me told me they had to be nearby. But I didn’t have enough time to find them before I was taken from the forest. Since then, I’ve been imprisoned in a room. Everyone is nice to me, but I want to go back to that bamboo forest and be with the flute player. I never did find out who it was. How I wish I could see them and thank them. And tell them how beautiful that sound was." Kaguya