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Mending | Natural Passive | Traits
Passive effect: When Kusa heals a unit with less than 50% HP, the unit gains an additional (+3*Level) (+1%TargetMax HP) HP per second for 3 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every 5 seconds for the same target.


Flower Power | Ability 1 | Active | HP Regen
Kusa adds a Seed of Life for 4 seconds to the designated ally shikigami. During this period, the Seed of Life will bloom when the target receives damage, restoring the target's 80(+50%Ability Power) HP. Afterward, the seed will be passed to the nearest ally shikigami within 725 yards, up to a maximum of 2 times.


Absorb | Ability 2 | Active | Damage
Kusa casts spells in specified direction to deal 30(+60%Ability Power) (+5%TargetMax HP) magic damage to up to 3 enemies within range. Within 7 seconds, if the ability hits the same target again, it will deal 30% extra damage. Its effect can't be stacked. Can deal up to 500 magic damage to monsters. Every time the ability hits an enemy shikigami, it will restore 30(+20%Ability Power) HP for Kusa while if it hits a non-shikigami unit, it will restore 15%*30(+20%Ability Power). Can restore up to 200%*30(+20%Ability Power). Passive Trigger: Every time using Flower Power will heal an ally unit and decrease ability cooldown by 0.5 seconds.


Tangle Root | Ability 3 | Active | Control
Kusa summons a vine from the ground at the designated position that deals 100(+50%Ability Power) magic damage and Immobilize on enemies within range for 0.75 seconds.


Healing Light | Ultimate Skill | Active | HP Regen
Kusa amasses the power of plants and restores 250(+55%Ability Power) HP to every ally shikigami on the battlefield.

Strategies & Tips[]

Playing as[]

  • Use Ability 1's transmissive healing ability coupled with the long-range HP absorption of Ability 2 to gain an advantage when Laning. When in team battles, use the crowd control effects of Ability 3 to immobilize the enemy. Then use the Ultimate to provide healing support to all allies on the map.
  • Abilty 1 (Flower Power) only heals allies that are receiving damage. Use it while allies are fighting to maximize heal.
  • Practice watching the health of all allies to make the best use of Kusa's Ult. Remember that her healing is stronger on allies with less than 50% health.

Biography & Lines[]


"When they came back yesterday, they were all covered in cuts and bruises. Really! I’d already told them not to go out and fight, and not to start fights with other spirits, but they never listen. They didn’t even want to tell me what had happened! So tonight I’m going to find out exactly what’s going on! “That one’s way too strong!” and “This time we have to win back our territory!” That’s what they were saying as they strolled towards the boundary. And then I heard a girl’s voice and went to get a better look. I couldn’t believe they were picking on a girl! How could they do that? I have to go and give them a piece of my mind. Huh? That girl… What is she? She’s ferocious! They’ve all been defeated! What the…? “Ha! None of you can fight properly!” How can a girl be so aggressive? She slung her spiked club over her shoulder and turned in my direction. Oh no, she saw me! “Aha! There is one more!” I’m not “one more”! I don’t want to fight! Oh no, did she see me? Her spiked club came crashing down on me. I-I mustn’t cry… But I can’t not cry! Whoa! I was so scared..." Kusa