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Youkinshi ̣̣̣(Maestro)



Passive: Maestro's next basic attack deals an additional (+10*Current Level) (+25%Ability Power) (+100%Attack) magic damage. Built-in cooldown: 10 seconds (affected by Cooldown Reduction).

Arpeggio | Ability 1 | Active | Damage

Maestro plays musical notes far away in the designated direction, dealing 60(+50%Ability Power) magic damage to enemies hit.

If he uses this ability again within 3 seconds, he will play musical notes in the designated direction at a closer distance, dealing 90(+75%Ability Power) magic damage to enemies.

Sonic Blast

Maestro releases a sound wave in the designated direction, dealing 80(+40%Ability Power) magic damage and inflicting a 40% Slow for 1.5 seconds on enemies hit.

Lingering Sound

Maestro rushes towards the designated location, leaving behind a lingering sound and gaining a shield that can block 50(+55%Ability Power) damage for 2 seconds. and 30%'s movement speed bonus, after 4 seconds, you can use the skill again to return to the remnant position

Phantom Zither

Passive trigger: Enemy shikigami hit by Maestro's abilities will gain a stack of Zither, and have their vision exposed for 5 seconds. Active effect: Maestro detonates all Zither stacks, dealing at least 90(+25%Ability Power) magic damage to enemy shikigami. Each stack of Zither increases the damage by 100%, up to a maximum of 400%.