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Overbearing | Natural Passive | Traits
When Satori's basic attack or abilities cause damage to the enemy, she will gain hatred points that convert into a shield. The shield weakens over time.
Each hatred point gained from damage inflicted converts to a shield equal to 0.18% of her Max HP. The hatred and limit gained from each ability is different, and more hatred points can be gained when more enemies are hit. Hatred points gained from non-shikigami units are reduced.


Grudge | Passive | Buff
Passive: Whenever Satori receives damage from shikigami that is equal to or more than 4% of her Max HP, she will obtain 1 level of Grudge, which increases physical attack by 4 for 2.5 seconds.
Grudge can be stacked up to 10 levels. When at max level, it will additionally increase Armor Penetration by 10% and basic attack distance by 100 yards.


Ballistic Swing | Ability 1 | Active | Damage
Satori swings her spiked club, causing 50(+45%BonusAttack) (+9%BonusMax HP) physical damage to surrounding enemies (only deals 67% of the damage to non-shikigami units). Satori receives 1 level of Ballistic for each shikigami that the attack hits, which increases Movement Speed by 4% for 4 seconds. Can be stacked up to 4 levels.


Somersault Smash | Ability 2 | Active | Dash
Satori somersaults in the designated direction and smashes the ground as she lands, dealing 100(+65%BonusAttack) physical damage and a 30% Slow effect for 2 seconds.


Club Bomb | Ultimate Skill | Active | Slow
Satori throws an exploding bomb in the designated direction, dealing 300(+50%Ability Power) magic damage to enemies in a rectangle and leaves a burning area that last for 4 seconds. This causes 100(+15%Ability Power) magic damage to enemies in range each second, and a 30% Slow effect.

Strategies & Tips[]

Playing as[]

  • The more enemy units the Ability hits, the more Shield Satori will gain. If Satori is able to cast her ultimate Ability in the middle of a group of enemies, Satori will gain massive Shield.

Biography & Lines[]


"Doujo: Satori, Kyonshi Imouto wants me to ask you what you think of Kyonshi Ani.
Satori: He's a moron.
Doujo: He does have an arrow in his head. What about Tanuki?
Satori: An alcoholic.
Doujo: Then...Kappa?
Satori: A Peeping Tom.
Doujo: Right. Okay then. How about Koi?
Satori: An idiot.
Doujo: Satori, I think you’re being a little harsh.
Satori: Crybaby.
Doujo: Huh?
Satori: You. You’re a crybaby.
Doujo: I- I’m not a crybaby! Boo hoo hoo…
Satori: Ah… No wonder that frozen-faced Seimei hates kids.You’re so noisy!
Doujo: Boo hoo hoo!
Kagura: You’re just a kid too, Satori!
Satori: You’re the kid! Your whole family are just kids!
Kagura: Seimei, Hiromasa… They aren’t children.
Satori: You…
Kagura: You’re a noisy kid too.
Satori: Argh! I don’t wanna talk to you anymore!
Kagura: Now who’s a noisy kid?
" Satori