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Sessho-seki | Natural Passive | Traits
Passive effect: Tamamonomae will transform into Sessho-seki for a certain period after being sealed and deal (+7.5%TargetMax HP) magic damage and inflict a Slow effect that can gradually strengthen to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds. Deals up to 350 magic damage to monsters.


Soul Burst | Ability 1 | Active | Damage
Tamamonomae casts Soul Burst towards the specified direction to deal 50(+15%Ability Power) magic damage to enemies on the way. After hitting the first enemy shikigami or reaching the most distant point, it will split all around to the nearby area and deal 100(+60%Ability Power) magic damage to enemies on the way again. During the duration of Soul Burst, if the ability is used again, it will split up all to the surrounding area.


Fox Fire | Ability 2 | Active | Control
Tamamonomae releases Fox Fire in the specified direction to deal 130(+60%Ability Power) magic damage to the first hit target and inflict a Slow effect that gradually strengthens. In 3 seconds, he will inflict a Immobilize effect on the target and enemies around the target for 1.4 seconds. During the duration of Slow, if Tamamonomae hits the target with other abilities, Immobilize will be triggered in advance.


Demon Wrath | Ability 3 | Active | Knock Up
Tamamonomae bursts demon force to the surrounding area which knocks back enemies within range and deals 80(+40%Ability Power) magic damage.


Falling Might | Ultimate Skill | Active | Damage
Tamamonomae selects an area within a wide range around himself and summons Falling Might in 1.75 seconds to deal 260(+55%Ability Power) (+10% (Every 200 Ability Power increases 1%) TargetMax HP) magic damage to all enemy shikigami within the range. After selecting the area, all enemy shikigami around Tamamonomae will receive a warning. The ability will be refreshed instantly if it hits an enemy shikigami.



Playing as Tamamo no Mae[]

  • Use Ability 1 to harass the enemy. After hitting a target with Ability 2, use Ability 1 to quickly trigger the effect of Ability 2 to deal burst damage. Ability 3 can help you survive. When an enemy closes in, you can escape using Ability 3. The ultimate ability requires you to judge enemy position properly and take advantage of the cast range of the ultimate ability to hit targets from afar. If the ultimate ability hits, its' cooldown will be refreshed instantly. Be sure to practice more to increase the hit rate of the ultimate ability.

Biography & Lines[]


"Dear Kuzunoha, excuse my lack of formalities. I don't even know where to start anymore, so I'll just write as feel like. I hope you don't mind. Kuzunoha, I saw your son the other day. He's the talk of the palace, you know. I want to go see him in your stead. I did promise I'd protect him, after all. ...He is a very honest person. He believes that protecting the capital is his duty. ...Perhaps someday, he will become my foe. There’s an important figure in the court these days. He asked me why I’m dressed like woman when we met. Looks like my beauty can’t fool everyone. Your boy looks just like you. I’m so happy about that, Kuzunoha. I don’t want to pretend to be someone else when I meet him. I can’t wait to see his face, and see your face in his. I’ll meet him as my true self. Seeing him will be like seeing you again. Forgive me, Kuzunoha. I must burden your son with one problem. I, myself, could not find a solution to this problem... No, I don't even know if there is one. But... your son would be able to find a satisfactory solution, for certain. He has always been your pride and joy, after all. And you are my pride and joy, Kuzunoha. I want to try defeating that thing you call fate, even just once. Pray for me, Kuzunoha. Sincerely yours." Tamamo no Mae