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Big Catch | Natural Passive | Traits
Passive effect: Every time Umibozu uses an ability that deals damage to enemy shikigami, a fish appears. Swallowing the fish restores Umibozu's HP by (+4%Max HP).


Sashimi Snack | Ability 1 | Active | HP Regen | Buff
Umibozu swallows a fresh fish, instantly recovering 75(+40%Ability Power) (+15%HP Lost ) HP, and gaining 40 Armor and Magic Resist for 5 seconds.


Waterspout | Ability 2 | Active | Knock Up
Umibozu summons a subterranean waterspout at the designated position, which deals 90(+40%Ability Power) magic damage after a short delay to enemies that are hit, and knocks them up for 1 second.


Deadly Surge | Abiltity 3 | Active | Slow
Umibozu stirs up the undercurrents, unleashing three waves on nearby targets. Each wave deals 80(+40%Ability Power) magic damage to enemies that are hit, and inflicts a 30% Slow effect on them for 2 seconds.

Umibozu ult.png

Tsunami | Ultimate Skill | Active | Control
Umibozu uses his special Tsunami ability to send out three enormous waves in the specified direction. Each wave deals 150(+40%Ability Power) Magic Damage to enemies in its path and inflicts a temporary Knockback effect. A 30% Slow effect is experienced in areas the waves pass through.

Strategies & Tips[]

Playing as[]

  • When your ability hits an enemy shikigami, it will drop fish. Picking them up restores Umibozu's HP. Make good use of this characteristic to wear down the opponent. The more HP lost when ability 1 is used, the greater the amount restored.
  • He's the only support that doesn't buff/heal his allies but he excels at aoe cc. The ult, when used correctly in teamfights can turn the tides to your team's advantage.

Biography & Lines[]


"Umibozu: Woo-ooo! Woo-ooo! Woo-ooo-ooo!
Fisherman A: Wha... what are you?
Umibozu: Hand over the fish you have caught! Hand them over or suffer the consequences!
Fisherman B: Are you joking? It's taken us two solid days to catch these fish! Do you know how dangerous our jobs are?
Umibozu: Don’t blame me for what is about to happen! You have brought it upon yourselves. Raging waves!
Fisherman A: Argh! Hurry! Let’s get out of here!
Fisherman B: Help! Help me!
Umibozu: Hurry, little humans! Hurry back to the shore! Stay away from this part of the sea for the next three days! Or suffer my wrath!
Fishermen: O-okay! L-let’s get out of here!
Umibozu: Human beings are so stubborn! I have to get all dramatic before they actually go away. It’s so frustrating! If I just told them nicely that a storm is coming, they’d all drown trying to capture me. Just like the crew of the last ship. And the one before that.