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Cute Justice | Natural Passive | Traits
Passive effect: Every 15 seconds, Yamausagi will not spend any MP to cast abilities, and casting will increase ability level by 1.


Bunny Dance | Passive | Haste
Passive Trigger: Yamausagi dances to boost team morale, increasing the Movement Speed of all allied shikigami in range by 26% every time the ability is used, lasting 1.5 seconds.


Be Good | Ability 1 | Active | Slow
Yamausagi pulls out a fan to teach her enemies a lesson, sending a powerful blast of wind in the designated direction, dealing 120(+60%Ability Power) magic damage to enemies that are hit, and lowering their Movement Speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds.


Bless | Ability 2 | Active | Shield
Yamausagi blesses her teammates, adding a shield to all allied shikigami within range. The shield can absorb 80(+50%Ability Power) damage and lasts for 4 seconds.


Ring Toss | Ultimate Skill | Active | Control
Yamausagi tosses Lucky Rings in a cone, dealing 225(+65%Ability Power) magic damage to all enemy units within the area and turning them into harmless paper dolls for 1.5 seconds.

Strategies & Tips[]

Playing as[]

  • Yamausagi's spells are all movement related, so put them to good use. When the halo lights up on Yamausagi, her next ability won't consume any MP, and it will be stronger. Her ultimate ability deals more damage if it hits more enemies.
  • On teamfights, wait for the right time to use the ult to transform many enemies into paper dolls. Her ultimate skill could also be used to stop enemies from using their abilities.
  • Yamausagi's shield activates very quickly and has a wide range. Wait until enemies use abilities, then quickly shield allies before the damage lands.

Biography & Lines[]


"I really can't stand her. She obviously doesn't know where she's going, and yet she points me here, there and everywhere all day long. Not only does she sit on my head, but she also pulls at the grass that grows there… Ouch! That hurts! Sigh… She’s always shouting weird things. No one knows what she's talking about! That little brat! She's always picking on me! The first time we met, she kicked me. Right in the eye. Her little foot almost blinded me! I wonder how someone so small can have such strength… Hey! Little rabbit! You’re going in the wrong direction again! Then she said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” and climbed onto me… Yup! That’s right. I know! She just climbed straight onto my head! Didn’t ask, just went for it. Sigh… If I don’t talk to her, she pulls my grass and my tail. And if I tell her to go, she says she wants to stay by my side. To take care of me! If I don’t watch over her, Heaven only knows where she’ll end up! This - this little brat will be the death of me… If she angers Lady Enma from the Underworld, I won’t be able to save her then. If you see an adorable, fluffy little white bunny by the side of the road, for your sake, please stay well away! Mister frog! Wake up! Come on, wake up! Attack! Attack!" Yamausagi